Sathya 27-03-2021 Zee Tamil tv Serial

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27-03-2021 Sathya Zee Tamil TV Sathya 27.03.2021 Tamil Serial Online | Sathya 27/03/2021 Zee Tamil TV Serial 27th March 2021
Watch Sathya Zee tv serials 27.03.21 | Zee tv serial Sathya 27/03/21 Latest Today Episode Online
Sathya 27-03-2021 Zee Tamil tv Serial | Zee Tamil Tv Sathya 27th March 2021
Directed By : AR.Karthik
Produced By : R.K .Manohar
Written By : SJ Lobol samy , N.Ramana Gopinath
Cast : Ayesha, Vishnu Kumar, Koli Ramya, Seetha Anil, Lakshmipriya, Yogesh, Rajasekhar, Yuva Sree, Nesan, Indran, Sadhishkuma

Zee Tamil tv Serials, Sathya
Zee Tamil tv Serial Sathya 27th March 2021

Sathya is a brave and tomboyish girl, who enjoys her life as it comes. She lives with her mother, grandmother and her money-minded elder sister Divya. Sathya owns her beloved late father’s mechanic shed, from whom she also inherited her tomboyish nature and hangs around with her male friends. Under unforeseen circumstances, she bumps across Karthik Prabhu, a rich man who often falls victim to her antics. Soon love blossoms between Karthik and Sathya. However, Karthik turns out to be the bridegroom for Divya, who dumps her ex-boyfriend for him on learning of his riches. How Sathya deals with the everyday turmoils and the chemistry between her and Karthik accelerate forms the rest of the story.

Category: Sathya, Tamil TV Serials, Zee Tamil tv Serial,

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