Raja Rani 30-10-2020 Vijay tv Serial

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30-10-2020 Raja Rani Vijay TV Raja Rani 30.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Raja Rani 30/10/2020 Vijay TV Serial 30th October 2020
Watch Raja Rani Season 2 Vijay tv serials 30.10.20 | Vijay TV Serial Raja Rani Season 2 30/10/20 Latest Today Episode Online
Raja Rani Season 2 30-10-2020 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Raja Rani Season 2 30th October 2020
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Vijay tv Serials, Raja Rani
Vijay tv Serial Raja Rani 30th October 2020

Adhe Kangal is the story about a ghost “Nagavali” ( Bharathi). The story begins with a couple (Lovers) returning from a movie theatre, on the way back their bike tire bursts, As it is midnight and in the middle of a highway, the couple decide to take a short-cut to reach the town, they pass a “particular” place where an old man warns them to return as this place is haunted by the ghost “Nagavali”. The couple doesn’t listen to old man, they continue to take that way, meanwhile, two men notices the lovers, they try to rape the girl, but the girl, suddenly changes her voice like a ghost and scares them, they ran away! It was not the ghost, the girl, to save her boy friend and herself, see acts like this to frighten those men. But, when those men reach that “Particular” place, Nagavali kills them both. This story revolves around the family of that girl, the financial and personal problems they face along with the story of this ghost.

Category: Raja Rani, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serial,

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