Nandhini Super Scene 17-10-2020 Sun tv Serial-Episode 30

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17-10-2020 Nandhini Super Scene Sun tv serials Episode 30 | Sun TV serial Nandhini Super Scene Episode 30 Online
Directed By : Raj Kapoor
Produced By : Sundar C
Writer : Sundar C
Cast : Nithya Ram, Rajesh, Malavika Wales, Rahul Ravi, Kushboo, Riyaz Khan, Adhitri Guruvayurappan, Gayatri Jayaraman, Kavya Shasthri, Rekha Krishnappa, Vinod, Sachu

Sun tv Serials, Nandhini
Sun tv Serial Nandhini Super Scene 17th October 2020

Shiva (Riyaz Khan) a man falls in love with Parvathi (Kushboo), a shapeshifting snake, and they get married. But Parvathi’s snake kingdom (Khargodaka Clan) disapproves this marriage and tries to kill Rathneval. Parvathi gives birth to twin sisters, Nandhini and Ganga. Nandhini inherited the snake element while Ganga inherited the human element. In order to save her husband from the clutches of her evil family, she uses her powers to transform him into a transgender woman because of the taboo that Khargodaka snakes can’t kill transgender people. The husband, who now goes by the name Seyanayagi, lost his previous memories and became a new person. Parvathi and Seyanayagi were separated when they escaped from their enemies, causing Parvathi to take Nandhini whilst Seyanayagi took Ganga with him.

Category: Nandhini, Re-Telecast, Sun tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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