Eeramana Rojave 20-04-2021 Vijay tv Serial

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20-04-2021 Eramana Rojaave Vijay TV Eramana Rojaave 20.04.2021 Tamil Serial Online | Eeramana_Rojaave 20/04/2021 Vijay TV Serial 20th April 2021
Watch Eeramana Rojave Vijay tv serials 20.04.21 | Vijay tv serial Eeramana_Rojave 20/04/21 Latest Today Episode Online
Eeramana Rojaave 20-04-2021 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Eeramana Rojave 20th April 2021
Directed By : Francis Kathiravan
Produced By : Signature Production
Written By :
Cast :Pavithra, Dhiraviam Rajakumaran,Kumaran Thangarajan, Nivisha

Vijay tv Serials, Eeramana Rojave
Vijay tv Serial Eramana Rojave 20th April 2021

Malarvizhi (Pavithra) falls in love with Maran (Kumaran Thangarajan) and they decide to get married. On the day of their wedding, Maran dies in an accident and his younger brother Vetri (Dhiraviam Rajakumaran) is forced to marry Malarvizhi.The story then revolves around Vetri and Malar’s marriage life.
The series revolves around two families. Pavithra who was formerly in Saravanan Meenatchi (season 3) will be portraying female lead as a village girl while, Dhiraviam Rajakumaran plays the male lead and Kumaran Thangarajan plays the love interest of the female lead, Nivisha will be portraying love interest of the male lead.

Category: Eeramana Rojave, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serial,

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