Devi Aadi Parashakti 05-10-2020 Sun tv Serial

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05-10-2020 Thevi Athi Parashakthi Sun TV Thevi Athi Parashakthi 05.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Devi_AathiParashakti 05/10/2020 Sun TV Serial 05th October 2020
Watch Devi Aadi Parashakti Sun tv serials 05.10.20 | Sun TV serial DeviAadi_Parashakti 05/10/20 Latest Today Episode Online
Devi Aadi Parashakti 05-10-2020 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Devi AadiParashakti 05th October 2020
Directed By : Loknath Pandey
Story By : Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Produced By : Manish Singh
Cast : Rati Pandey, Tarun Khanna, Kanan Malhotra, Richa Dixit, Deepak Dutta, Nisha Nagpal

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Sun tv Serials, Devi Aadi Parashakti
Sun tv Serial Devi Aadi Parashakti 05th October 2020

The plot of the show revolves around the life journey of Hindu goddess Adi Parashakti the wife of Lord Shiva and (sister of Lord Vishnu in her avatar of Goddess Sati and Parvati). The show is made in her praise. The show begins right from the beginning of the world. Devi Adi Parashakti is shown as the ultimate truth of this complete universe.
She emerges after Shiva cut the fifth head of Brahma which is form of his arrogance to become the supreme one. She is the one behind the creation of the Trimurti and Tridevi. Indirectly she is the one who creates, protects and destroys the world. She is the only immortal power in existence. At the beginning of a kalpa all emerge from her and the end of kalpa all submerge in her. The story shows how Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva settle in their respective abodes with their respective wives.
The story shows the emergence of Dev and Asura from Aditi and Diti respectively after their marriage with sage Kashyap. Diti, mother of Asuras is portrayed to be always jealous of her sisters (Aditi, Sati, etc.) and their children. Later the story revolves around Devi Adi Parashakti’s incarnation as Sati, the daughter of Brahma’s son Daksha.

Category: Devi Aadi Parashakti, Sun tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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