Chithi 2 01-10-2020 Sun tv Serial

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01-10-2020 Chiththi 2 Sun TV Chiththi 2 01.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Chiththi 2 01/10/2020 Sun TV Serial 01st October 2020
Watch Chithi 2 Sun tv serials 01.10.20 | Sun TV serial Chiththi 01/10/20 Latest Today Episode Online
Chithi 2 01-10-2020 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Chithi 01st October 2020
Directed By : Sundar K.Vijayan
Produced By : Radhika Sarathkumar
Writer : Sekizhaar (Story) Vasubharathi
Cast : Ponavannan, Radhika, Roobini, Nishanthi, Daniel Balaji and many others

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Sun tv Serials, Chithi
Sun tv Serial Chiththi 01st October 2020

Padma elopes with her lover, leaving behind her husband Shanmugam and two children. Mallika has the responsibility of managing the family. A dejected Shanmugam vows to move on and raise his children on his own. Padma’s parents however are embarrassed by the incident. The villagers collectively decide that to erase this shame, Padma’s sister Saradha should marry Shanmugam. Saradha accepts it wholeheartedly and takes the responsibility of the family, thereby eventually becoming the root of the family.

In a past event, Sharadha meets with an accident after returning from her delivery during which Murugavel exchanges her daughter with Saradha’s thinking his daughter dead which Shanmugapriyan notices but fails to arrest him.

Twenty-two years later, it is seen that Kalai is married to Deepa with a child who fails to get a job while Deepa is working at an IT company and handling the expenses of their school-going child. Anbu works in a construction company and just married his lover Nandini who has a vengeance again Sharadha and Venba for their act by messing her name. Sevanthi wanted to marry Anbu, but Saradha and Shanmuga disagreed as Anbu and Nandini were in deep relationship. Owing to this, Lakshmi and her husband Gomathinayagam have vengeance against them. Nandini gets a friend with Lakshmi to destroy Sharadha’s family. Sharadha faces every havoc created by then and handles the family in a comfortable couch. Soon, despite Venba knowing about her adoption, she respects Sharadha and Shanmugam as her parents.

Venba works in a company with Kavin. Kavin had a relationship with Diana, who was killed by Mallika as she planned his marriage with Yazhini. But, Venba and Kavin’s bond is getting more closely as they work in the same company. Yazhini loves Kavin and Kavin has not interested on Yazhini. Next, the triangle love between Kavin, Venba and Yaazhini and finally who will get marry kavin is the rest of story.

Category: Chithi, Sun tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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